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How do you go about choosing a business laptop bag?

You carry your office in a bag.

Working from home, on the road, or at a different office desk every day One of the drawbacks of flex working is that you must frequently switch workstations. You must bring your keyboard, mouse, laptop stand, and laptop with you whenever you do so. As a result, a good laptop bag is essential. It’s like packing your desk in a bag so you can work in an ergonomically correct posture no matter where you are.

What makes a good bag so essential?

The weight of a laptop can range from 1.5 to 4 kilograms. A laptop bag containing a mouse, an external keyboard, papers, and a wallet can easily weigh 4-6 kilos. In comparison to laptop bags with a shoulder strap, a laptop backpack has many advantages. Because the bag rests on both shoulders instead of just one, your posture will improve, and muscle tension will be distributed more evenly between the left and right sides of your body.

The maximum distance you should cover with a bag that weighs 4-6 kilos, regardless of whether you use a backpack or a shoulder bag, according to health experts, is only 90 meters. They recommend using a trolley for longer distances to reduce the strain on your body, particularly your back.

What is the purpose of the bag?

Before deciding between a shoulder bag (sleeve), a trolley, or a backpack, consider what you will use the bag for the most. Do you frequently walk longer distances with your bag, for example, because you frequently take public transportation, or do you only need to cover the short distance between your car and your workstation? Maybe you’d rather ride your bike to work? This is crucial information that will assist you in selecting the best laptop bag for your needs.

For example, a laptop backpack or sleeve is ideal for use on public transportation. It is, however, less suitable for covering long distances on foot due to the strain it places on your back. A trolley is less suitable for going up or down multiple flights of stairs, but it is ideal for long walks or business trips. Finally, if you frequently work on the road in locations where you may not have access to a table, such as a hotel lobby, the Sky tour – an ergonomic laptop bag that allows you to work directly from the bag – may be ideal for you.

Laptop Backpack Haversack

A laptop backpack has a special compartment for storing your laptop.

  1. Your laptop is protected by a backpack from damage and dirt.
  2. For your computer accessories, a backpack has multiple compartments.
  3. A backpack is ideal for walking, cycling, or taking public transportation because of the shoulder straps. Both shoulders carry the same amount of weight.

Laptop Sleeve

A sleeve is a protective cover for your laptop that fits around it.

  1. A sleeve keeps your laptop safe from scratches and dirt.
  2. If you want to protect your laptop without having to carry a large backpack, this is the bag for you.
  3. If you prefer to carry a bag, our sleeves have a detachable shoulder strap that can be stored easily.
  4. There isn’t a lot of space for extras.

Laptop Trolley

A laptop trolley is a useful hybrid of a laptop bag and a travel cart. It’s ideal for travelers who spend a lot of time on the road.

  1. During travel, your laptop is well protected, and you have plenty of room to store your documents safely and without risk of damage.
  2. It’s ideal if you have to walk long distances frequently.
  3. You don’t have to drag a heavy bag behind you.

How do you figure out how big your laptop compartment should be?

Once you’ve decided on the type of laptop bag you want, make sure your laptop fits comfortably inside. Your bag should not be too large, as this will allow your laptop to move around, potentially damaging it. It should, of course, not be too small. The size of the laptop compartment should be considered before purchasing a laptop bag. This measurement is usually expressed in inches.

You must ensure that your laptop will fit inside the laptop bag after calculating the size of your laptop. To do so, you’ll need to know the size of your display in inches, as well as the laptop’s total length, width, and depth.

How big is the screen on my laptop?

You can easily measure the size of your laptop with a tape measure if you don’t know what it is. As shown in the image, make sure to measure diagonally. After that, you convert the number of centimeters to the equivalent number of inches. There are a plethora of tools available on the internet that can perform this calculation for you.


You have a 15- to 15.6-inch laptop if the display measures between 35.8 and 39.6 centimeters. As a result, look for a laptop bag that fits laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

Some laptop displays have a wide bezel around them. You should include this in your measurement if your laptop has it as well. Your 15-inch laptop might not fit inside a 15-inch bag because of this edge. As a result, a larger bag is recommended.


To find the best laptop bag for you, you must first answer the following questions:

  1. What mode of transportation do you use? Using public transportation, a car, a bicycle, or walking?
  2. How many flights of stairs will you encounter along the way, and how long will it take you to walk the distance?
  3. What are you planning to put in your bag? Is it just you, your laptop, and a few accessories or documents? To put it another way, how important is it to have more storage space?

Finally, you want an attractive bag. It all boils down to finding a bag that has the features you require; is appropriate for the mode of transportation you use and the distances you must cover on foot and looks good to boot.

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